Friday, May 4, 2012

Homeschooling: Week of April 30

Well, another week is complete! I mostly worked with the older children this week, but they still had lots of independent time. I only did informal activities with the little ones, such as clapping & counting, singing, and cuddling. Baby Girl is still having some issues, so I'm just giving her lots of extra loving, but even then she is learning. She can now count to thirteen and sing her ABC's, just from our informal learning sessions! She picks up so much just living and listening every day, just like the older children. And,  as I said, the older children had lots of free time this week & they came up with some great things to do. They did the usual stuff, like riding bikes, jumping on the trampoline, playing with our dog, and of course some computer and Wii time. They also helped me cook a few nights this week, which is something I love for them to do!  Also, one of the things that they enjoy doing is playing what they call "Our Game." It is quite elaborate and imaginative! I won't go into details here out of respect for their privacy (for some reason they are shy about their creative ideas). But I will say that they role play in the game & it includes "battles" and "treasure seeking." They have even drawn some really amazing maps & battle plans which they showed to me. They play their game outside when weather permits, but if it's rainy, they will play it indoors, too. Perhaps they will give me permission to post some pics of their game, but until then, you'll just have to use your imagination! I do have some pics of the week though. Here you go:

Bug and Doodles work on projects they came up with on their own: Bug is making an airplane (he used the iPad to google information & images to help with his design and Doodles is making a sign to advertise her muffin sale)

Bug paints his airplane

Bug's completed airplane

The sign Doodles made to advertise her muffin sale

Doodles makes her muffins

Doodles reads a book (found in Sonlight's Science F) while she holds Baby Girl, which was such a special blessing since Baby Girl usually wants to be held...but she also wanted her lunch at the same time...and, I may be a pretty cool mama, but I still can't be in two places at once! So, I was very grateful for Doodles' help while I fixed Baby Girl's lunch.

Bug is dropping two small toys: one with a homemade parachute and one see which lands first! This activity is found in one of the Sonlight Science K books.

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Melissa said...

What a great day! Everyone looks to be having such a great time.

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