Monday, February 18, 2013

Homeschooling and Life: Feb. 11-17, 2013

This past week was hectic, yet it was good. Our schooling went very well, and so far Doodles and I are very pleased with our transition into Oak Meadow. The crafts and projects have breathed new life into her schooling. I am hoping that it stays that way. Bug is still having an absolute blast with his Narnia unit study, and I have to say that it's one of my top curriculum choices...ever!!! We celebrated Valentine's Day with our homeschool co-op group, which was fun. Baby Girl is still doing better, but she does have her bad moments, meltdowns, and sleep (or lack thereof) issues. I have started her on a gluten free diet in hopes that it will help-of course this is in addition to her medication...and lots of prayer! And...we gained a new family member this week! It's of the furry sort. She is adorable, and you can see her pics below, along with the other hightlights of the week:

Treat of the Week

Baby Girl's Valentine Box: View 1

Baby Girl's Valentine Box: View 2

Baby Girl's Valentine Box: View 3

Baby Girl's Valentine Box: View 4

Baby Girl's Valentine Box: View 5

Doodles' Valentine Box: View 1

Doodles' Valentine Box: View 2

Bug's Valentine Box: View 1

Bug's Valentine Box: View 2

The new addition: our puppy

Puppy love!

All snuggled and comfy

Doodles' new school books: Oak Meadow 6, plus my choice for her Bible study: Every Young Woman's Battle

Bug, playing Blind Man's Bluff as part of his Narnia unit study

Bug, loving on the new "baby"

Writing assignment that Doodles did for Oak Meadow 6 (We had to take a look through our neighborhood and identify things that prehistoric people might have eaten.)

Doodles works on a math assignment

More puppy love!

"Cave" painting that Doodles did for Oak Meadow 6

Doodles had to gather items from nature as part of her Oak Meadow Science 6 studies-don't worry, the wasp nest was empty!

Doodles had to observe an animal for Oak Meadow Science this week. She chose the new puppy!

Baby Girl was ready for lunch, so she grabbed her gluten-free broccoli & cheese soup and tried to eat it!

Baby Girl's Valentine for her daddy

Bug studied Centaurs, and we found this site.


Bug's Centaur writing

Baby Girl works on her balance...Sit & Spins are great therapy tools!

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Rita and John said...

You have a new puppy! And your Baby Girl knows what she wants when she wants it. :) Keeping you all in our prayers...

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