Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy birthday, Baby Girl!

Wow, hard to believe, but we celebrated Baby Girl's 5th birthday this week. As always, I thought of her birth mom and wished that there was a way I could let her know that her daughter is loved and cherished. I will always be grateful for her courage and sacrifice, and for the gift that she gave us when she carried and gave birth to Baby Girl. My heart grieves for her empty arms, and I pray that by Divine intervention she knows that Baby Girl is safe and happy. Baby Girl had a great birthday. Here are some of the highlights:

This is the canopy that hubby and I made for Baby Girl's special area in the dining room. We put it all together for around $45, much less than the expensive storebought ones. Plus, we had a great time making it.

Another view of Baby Girl's canopy

And another view of Baby Girl's canopy

Birthday Eve verse for Baby Girl, taken from A Child's Seasonal Treasury.

Baby Girl's gluren free birthday cake, pre-icing

Baby Girl's birthday gluten free birthday cake with gluten free icing

Birthday cake, with some icing missing...Baby Girl dug right into it!

Baby Girl loved her cake.


And she is wearing the evidence

Time to open cards

I was so happy that daughter-in-law was in town & got to attend the festivities. Baby Girl loves her big "sister."

Baby Girl enjoyed listening to Daddy sing & play the guitar. Happy birthday!


Rita and John said...

Happy birthday, Baby Girl! Her cake looks yummy!

Anna P said...

She looks like she had a great birthday! What a blessing!

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