Sunday, March 31, 2013

Homeschooling, Life, and Happy Easter-Mar. 31, 2013

First of all, Happy Easter! We had a nice, laid back day and just enjoyed some time worshiping with our church family today. Bug and Doodles spent last week on vacation with my parents and other family members, so it was just Baby Girl and I home alone every day until hubby got home in the evenings. I tried to do a lot of things with her, and some were successful. Others were not so much! I would definitely say one highlight was having the Passover Seder since Doodles studied the Israelites in last week's history. We had the dinner the night before she left to go on vacation. Here are our highlights:

Passover Seder

Daddy helps Baby Girl with her stacking toy
Baby Girl enjoys the sunshine

More happy times in the sun!

I baked apples in the crockpot. Baby Girl actually helped me stir them, which is a big deal for her!

Soaked carrot seeds....

finally sprouted!

Soaked radish seeds...

saw lots of growth!

Soaked beans...

really began to reach for the sun!

Dry bean seeds...

began to see growth.

Spring verse and flower fairy for Baby Girl (Verse came from A Child's Seasonal Treasury and the image idea came from here.)
Sand and water table fun for Baby Girl. Welcome to spring!
More water fun
Splish and splash!
Back from his vacation and ready to dye eggs.
Dying eggs
Finished products...Baby Girl did not want to dye the eggs. She kept pushing them away. Maybe next year!

Baby Girl was ready to eat the bean plant...LOL


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