Friday, April 5, 2013

Homeschooling and Life: Apr. 1-5, 2013

We really had a great week. Baby Girl is getting better, but we're still praying for a complete end to her self-hitting. She has made so much progress in her communication and in making eye contact. I attribute the greatest part of that to prayer. I also believe that her gluten free diet, along with her Waldorf inspired homeschooling methods, are making a HUGE difference. She just absolutely LOVES her Circle Time and her verses. It is such a blessing for me to see her blossom like this. Bug is still having a blast with his Narnia unit study. He and I have had some great discussions this week, along with some interesting projects. Doodles is continuing to enjoy Oak Meadow. She had some very nice art activities this week. We all tried our hands at wet on wet painting, and that was very relaxing and fun. Here are the best parts of our week:

Treat of the Week

Our yellow and red watercolors for wet on wet painting. We followed the directions here.

Bug and Doodles start with yellow

This is what their papers looked like with the yellow

Here they added red

I help Baby Girl with her wet on wet painting. As you can see, she really enjoyed it and focused. That was a first, and I was so happy that I actually had tears in my eyes!

This is Baby Girl's (and my) finished painting

The painting on the left is Doodles' and the one on the right is Bug's

As part of Bug's Narnia unit study, we studied old hand drawn maps and then he drew a freehand map of our state.

Bug also studied invisible ink, and we made our own with lemon juice. Here you see us heating it up so we can read it. ADULT supervision required!!!

Here Bug makes magic mud. We found this idea on Pinterest. If you click the "Follow Me on Pinterest" button on the upper right hand side of my blog, then you can find my Homeschooling board. I've repinned lots of cool stuff there!

Coloring the magic mud

Playing with the magic stuff!

Here Bug tries another activity I found on Pinterest: observing how water is absorbed, results will be shown a few pics down

And another activity I found on Pinterest: homemade play dough

Cooking the play dough to solidify it a little

Coloring the play dough

Given some time, the paper towels will absorb the red and blue water and then the middle jar will have purple water!

Finished homemade play dough project

And, as you can see, even Dad thought the magic mud was awesome!

Success!!! Red and blue water absorbed into paper towel, which was folded into middle cup from each outer cup...and we have purple water in the middle!

Adages: a literal translation of "falling on your sword"

Doodles and I work on her timeline for Oak Meadow 6.

More timeline work

Finished timeline...very nice

Doodles' sentences containing adverbs...she is a bit of a Batman fan!

We used the internet to find common adages/idioms

Soaked carrot seeds, results below

They finally sprouted!

Soaked radish seeds...

Growing nicely!

Soaked beans...

Really growing!

Dry carrot seeds...

Showing some signs of life

Dry radish seeds...

also growing nicely.

Dry bean seeds...

growing up and up!

Doodles' literal illustraion of the idiom "couch potato"

Our paint dish for marbling paper (activity found in Oak Meadow 6)

This is what the paint/water looked like in the dishpan

This is Doodles' completed marbling and poem project

This is Baby Girl's edible...yes, edible paint. I got the idea here.

Baby Girl's finished project: edible paint

Bug and Baby Girl enjoy some time outside

Baby Girl thinks her sand & water table is a swimming pool. :)

Baby Girl enjoys a ride on Daddy's back


LaughingLioness said...

holy canoli, what a week! Love the pics ; )!

Rita and John said...

That is so wonderful that Baby Girl is doing better. We will keep praying for her and all of you.

Anna P said...

Love all the pictures. I love how focused she is on her painting! She did a great job!

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