Sunday, April 21, 2013

Homeschooling, Life, and a Mini-Vacation: April 15-21, 2013

We had a very good week this week. It started last Sunday, on my birthday, when I got everything I asked for (see my previous post.) Then we had a great day at homeschool co-op on Monday, followed by a glorious (YES, REALLY) week of homeschooling. And I am so happy to report that Baby Girl is doing much, much better! Her meltdowns have significantly decreased, so we pray that it will stay that way. Also, Doodles and Bug cheerfully did their school this week. Then we topped it all off with a mini-vacation to a nearby campground for the weekend. If only EVERY week could be like this! I have lots of pics to share, so I'll get on with it. Here they are:

Treat of the week

Baby Girl stretches in the morning

Then she crashes on our bed!

Doodles' wet on wet painting of a sunset

Bug's wet on wet painting of a sunset and waterfall

Baby Girl used yellow for her wet on wet painting

For added fun, we did some more painting, and Baby Girl used blue and yellow.

Doodles painted and labeled a flower.

Bug painted a sea horse.

Baby Girl enjoyed her pool.

Bug helped Baby Girl get more water in her pool.

Bug did his math outside, while Doodles ate a snack and hid her face.

Bug recreated a scene from The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

More of Bug's scene

Doodles created a slide show of nature pictures she took (for science.)

Doodles listened to music from India

Doodles wrote a report about four of the Hindu gods, and we also watched The Life of Pi this week since she is studying India.

Doodles sketched during some free time

Bug and Baby Girl "wrestled" on our bed.

Our spring nature table: this week we added rocks and acorns.

Baby Girl checks out the floor of our cabin upon our arrival at the campground

Doodles enjoyed the view from the back deck

Bug enjoyed the view as well

I felt so was a beautiful place!

Baby Girl also enjoyed the deck.

Bug helps Daddy get the grill ready.

Another view from "our" back deck

Another beautiful view

Bug tries to catch some fish

Still luck this time.

More views

Hubby tries his luck at fishing...nothing for him this time, either.

One of Doodles' favorite spots: the back swing overlooking the water

My boys (too bad my older son is stationed in Hawaii, wish he'd been with us)

The back of our cabin

The front of our cabin; the round window is on the second floor. It's right above the bed hubby & I slept in...beautiful view in the morning!

Side of our cabin

The other side of our cabin

Another view

I love the way the sun shines through the trees.

Living room area of our cabin

View outside our cabin

Another view looking out the windows of our cabin

Part of the deck on the back of the cabin

Baby Girl took a nice nap on the comfy couch

And you can always count on Bug to find little critters like this!
Another view in the back of our cabin

Baby Girl claps and sings with Daddy on the swing.

Doodles and Bug enjoy some sibling time

Daddy and Baby Girl explore nature around the cabin

Hubby, me, and Baby Girl...I can't express how much this moment made my heart smile.

Me and my Doodles

Me and my Bug man

Pine cone we found on the trail

Little creek area

Another pretty view

Bug and Doodles take a little rest during our nature walk

Enjoying a gorgeous view on a peaceful day

View on our nature walk

Another view

Enjoying the campfire at night

More sibling love

Night views

Helping to keep the fire going

Daddy's little girl!

Again, she LOVES her daddy!

Baby Girl enjoyed her last breakfast at the cabin

And I enjoyed one last cup of coffee on the deck before we had to leave.


Rita and John said...

What a beautiful place! Love seeing how your children are growing and learning.

Jean said...

Looks like an amazing place. So beautiful & peaceful. Glad you guys got the opportunity to spend time in God's playground!

Anna P said...

Gorgeous gorgeous pictures! i'm sure it was a refreshing time for everyone

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