Adjusting to a New Season of Life

Well, tomorrow will make 10 days since my son left for basic training. I've been able to talk to him on the phone once & received one letter from him. It is really hard to get used to this. I know that he's in God's hands, and I have peace in that knowledge; however, I just MISS him! It is so hard to walk past his room. It is so much a reminder that my little boy is now a man and that life is changing so much for us. I must make a confession now: I turned the TV on in his room tonight & left it on just so there would be some activity in there. I know that I have to let him go, but it is really hard to do. I'm a mom, you know! Plus, he is my oldest, so I'm new at this whole "when your kids are grown" thing. I'm just counting down the days until his graduation. I am so proud of him and can't wait to see him again!


Rita and John said…
This must be so hard for you! I'm thinking of you and praying for him and for your family. It must be hard on your other children, too. (By the way, your new blog design looks nice.)
randiepandie said…
This post brings tears to my eyes, Jenn. I wonder sometimes why our babies have to grow up at all -so painful. Even years before that time comes, there's that tugging sense of their gradual pulling away in the process of becoming the man or woman they were created to be. We mommas pour all of ourselves into them during those precious, tender years and then before you have time to catch your breath, they're grown. You know this now more than I do. Such a beautiful gift of yourself you gave (and are still giving). -a pleasing aroma to God. He knew you were the only woman for the task. You're in my daily prayers. Love to you, girl :-)
redkitchen said…
Thank you both. I greatly appreciate the prayers, and so does my soldier & the rest of my family. I'm so blessed to have friends both near & far who lift me up daily. I love you guys!

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