Monday, July 12, 2010

Countdown: Day 30

Today my "future" soldier became my soldier. These are pics of his last day at home before he left for basic: playing guitar with his daddy, getting some love from his mom & sisters, shooting waterguns with his little brother, and his final menu request before he left: steak, baked beans, potato salad, & Snicker Bar pie. We're missing him already, but we know he's in God's hands and we find our strength there.


Rita and John said...

I love the photo of him with all the girls! :) This must be difficult for you, but thank you to him for all he's doing for our country and thank you for a beautiful countdown to this new step for him.

Anonymous said...

Oh, such precious, precious pictures of you all enjoying every minute together before he leaves. I am so thankful to him for his decision to serve our country and my family. Please tell him so. I'm also so thankful to y'all. I know this will be hard for y'all. I'll be praying for him and all of you daily.

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