Homemade Sugar Cookies

As you can see, my kiddos were in a baking mood this week. :) They had so much fun making and decorating these cookies, and so did I. And, once again, I did NOT eat any. Out of sheer habit, I almost licked the dough-covered spoon, and then I remembered that I couldn't do that anymore! It also made me realize that I probably consumed WAY too many calories by just sampling everything I cooked or baked. It's nice that I'm more conscious now of what goes into my body. It's been a long journey, and one I'm still on, but I'm thankful for it.


randiepandie said…
Yum! Now, I really want cookies... lol!
rawbanana said…
Yummy! Thats one of my girls favorite things to do-bake and then eat =) Love your blog!

Anna @

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