Homeschooling Year 2010-2011: Weeks 5-6

We took a whirlwind trip through Switzerland and The Netherlands the past couple of weeks. We enjoyed every minute of it & are now trying to convince Dad that we need a vacation in The Swiss Alps!
Read aloud: Mandy, Science: Weather, Baby Girl's book: Snuggly Time
Baby Girl works with Play Dough

Doodles works on math

Pages about Switzerland

More books from the week
Pages about Switzerland & The Netherlands

More pages about Switzerland & The Netherlands

Bug grates cheese for Swiss fondue

Yummy!!! Swiss cheese fondue

Holiday in Switzerland

More Swiss pages
Nature study journal: seasonal weather observation

Swiss chalet

Geography Worksheet
Movie: "Heidi"--about a girl living in the Swiss Alps. It's a classic & the kiddos loved it!

Game played by Dutch children on Sinterklaas Avond. They must use clues to find a hidden gift, like a scavenger hunt!

Reading a clue...........

Hmmm....another clue


The gifts: Make Your Own Bouncing Balls for Bug, new pajamas for Baby Girl, and Mosaic Art set for Doodles!


randiepandie said…
What fun it looks like y'all had studying Switzerland and the Netherlands! And the food --oh the food!!! ;-P

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