Saturday, September 11, 2010

Homeschooling Year 2010-2011: Weeks 5-6

We took a whirlwind trip through Switzerland and The Netherlands the past couple of weeks. We enjoyed every minute of it & are now trying to convince Dad that we need a vacation in The Swiss Alps!
Read aloud: Mandy, Science: Weather, Baby Girl's book: Snuggly Time
Baby Girl works with Play Dough

Doodles works on math

Pages about Switzerland

More books from the week
Pages about Switzerland & The Netherlands

More pages about Switzerland & The Netherlands

Bug grates cheese for Swiss fondue

Yummy!!! Swiss cheese fondue

Holiday in Switzerland

More Swiss pages
Nature study journal: seasonal weather observation

Swiss chalet

Geography Worksheet
Movie: "Heidi"--about a girl living in the Swiss Alps. It's a classic & the kiddos loved it!

Game played by Dutch children on Sinterklaas Avond. They must use clues to find a hidden gift, like a scavenger hunt!

Reading a clue...........

Hmmm....another clue


The gifts: Make Your Own Bouncing Balls for Bug, new pajamas for Baby Girl, and Mosaic Art set for Doodles!

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Anonymous said...

What fun it looks like y'all had studying Switzerland and the Netherlands! And the food --oh the food!!! ;-P

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