Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Plans for Next School Year

What? NEXT school year? Yep, that's right! I'm preparing already. I usually do that in January. That way I have time to look around for good deals on books, time to plan everything, and, MOST importantly, time to pray about it. Next school year we're going to completely use Ambleside Online, which we used in part this year. I've discovered that my children LOVE the books used in AO, and that I do, too. We are Charlotte Mason style homeschoolers, so this is a beautiful fit. Also, it's a very budget-conscious decision, since the booklist & the schedule are FREE. In addition to that, I own several of the books already, not to mention that a great many of the scheduled books are available online--FREE as well. I've felt led to this curriculum so many times, but for some reason always ended up going with something else. Now that I've homeschooled for several years, I have the confidence to finally use AO. Another reason I love this curriculum is that you're given a booklist & weekly schedule, yet it's up to you as to how much you read each day. I like flexibility, so I haven't enjoyed scripted programs that we've used in the past. I like to spend time planning & I like to do things in a way that best suits our family. I really am so excited about next school year. Hmm...hurry up, August!

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Rita and John said...

I love that you're planning ahead. Happy new year to your family!

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