Friday, March 8, 2013

Homeschooling and Life: Week of Mar. 4-8, 2013

We had a really good week for the most part. Baby Girl slept all night for most of the week, so that is HUGE!!! My prayer is that she will continue in this. It may be the gluten free diet that is making a difference. Hopefully so, because that is something I can control. Oak Meadow is working beautifully for both Baby Girl and Doodles. I am so glad we found our "home." For the first time, Baby Girl is really starting to enjoy learning. Oak Meadow Preschool is so gentle, and the rhythm that we have in our home now is so healing and soothing for her. As a matter of fact, it is for all of us. My older children are becoming more calm and peaceful as well. I purged our dining/school room, and now it's so much prettier and cleaner. Also, I set out all of Baby Girl's natural toys, and it looks so nice. Bug is still LOVING his Narnia unit study. Doodles, as I've stated before, is truly enjoying Oak Meadow. I have lots to "show" this week, so let's get started with the pics...and a couple of videos:

Treat of the Week

Baby Girl and Daddy play in the kitchen & chat with me while I cook

All snuggled and comfy...a precious angel sleeps

Baby Girl's candle for Circle Time

Candle with spring scents

I help Baby Girl with her opening verse movements

More helping Baby Girl

Baby Girl smiles as we do her closing verse

Baby Girl and I work on movements and verses

Blowing out the candle

Spring scene on chalkboard

Painted castle

Baby Girl's toys

Basket of my books for Baby Girl

Baby Girl's art supplies and CD's

Baby Girl's dressup toys and wooden bowls and spoon

More of Baby Girl's toys and my Willow Tree figure

Reepicheep that Bug drew (If you don't know, he is a character in the Chronicles of Narnia series)

Doodles' art for this week. We are using this book.
Doodles made a Jell-O model of a cell
This is Doodles' report cover page for her research paper: The Egyptian Afterlife
Illustrations from Doodles' report
The only bean sprouting so far (see last week's Oak Meadow post) is the one for which we played classical music. Interesting!
Bug's writing work for this week

A couple more illustrations that Doodles did for her report.

Baby Girl and I do her opening verse for Circle Time

Baby Girl and I blow out her candle to close Circle Time



Christie said...

Sweet videos! Love that one of Baby Girl with the dog. :)

Iris Rose said...

Hi, I headed over here from Mrs M's Yahoo group. It really is helpful to see the work that you do with your family at home. I home-ed my boys and am hoping to also work with a co-op that will cater for special needs within the group. Thanks for sharing.
Iris Rose x

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