Friday, March 1, 2013

Oak Meadow 6th Grade Homeschool: Week of Feb. 25-Mar. 1, 2013

We just completed our third week with Oak Meadow. I can honestly say that I love this program more and more each passing day. I like the way that creativity is inspired with this curriculum. Doodles is actually excited to share her projects with her dad when he comes home in the evenings. And that's saying a lot for a preteen girl! Currently she is studying ancient Egypt, which is one of her favorite time periods and cultures to study. She is really having a blast, and I am happy to share the following highlights with you all:

Doodles is drawing a freehand map of the world, and this week she added Egypt, the Nile River, and the Nile Delta

Doodles started the research part of her research paper this week. She had several topics about Egypt from which to choose, and she chose to write about the beliefs the ancient Egyptians had about death and the afterlife, including their funeral traditions. Her paper is due at the end of next week.

This is a gameboard Doodles made so we could play a favorite game of the ancient Egyptians. It is called Senet.

For science, Doodles chose to complete an experiment with plants. This is the chart she made. It includes a key and her hypotheses.

Plant one: Soil only (NOT fertilized); no sunlight, no water

Plant two: Soil (NOT fertilized), sunlight, water

Plant three: Ferilized soil, sunlight, water

Plant four: Fertilized soil, sunlight, water, classical music played daily for it.

Our current art study: Come Look With Me Asian Art (Not part of OM 6, but something I added in myself.)

Doodles sketched and colored this recreation of a painting in the above art book.

Doodles, enthusiasm for ancient Egypt was so contagious that Bug wanted to learn more, too!

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Miranda Brasher said...

Cool!!! Can't wait to see the results of the plant that was played classical music! lol I swear doing that stuff works. I had a peace lily a that NEVER bloomed for about 3 yrs. I started praying over it daily to bloom and I kid you not, it bloomed a couple of months later for the first time right around Easter and never did again after that. Only one flower! That probably sounds corny, but I am convinced that praying, talking, singing, music playing around plants makes a difference. ;P Great post!

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