Sunday, May 26, 2013

May 20-26, 2013

We had a terrific week! Baby Girl was in a great mood, which helps us all. Also, Bug had some really fun school projects this week, and Doodles finished her favorite book (so far) from Oak Meadow 6 this week: The Rainbow People. I'll now let the pictures tell the story. :)

Treat of the week

My watercolor painting. I've decided to paint with the kids each week. I am loving it!

Doodles' watercolor painting

Bug's watercolor painting

Baby Girl's watercolor painting

Bug and I read about Carlsbad Caverns and speleology.

Bug's worksheet on speleology and the layers of the earth

Bug and I read about phobias. Then we took a survey of our friends and families to find out about their phobias.
Results are:
Claustrophobia and acrophobia: both six votes (top phobias among our friends and family)
Aquaphobia, ophidiophobia, arachnophobia, coulrophobia, and haphephobia: four votes
Enochlophobia: three votes each
Ergophobia, agorophobia, nychtophobia, katsaridaphobia: two votes each
Thalassophobia, atychiphobia, dentophobia, musophobia, gephyrophobia, potamophobia, trypanophobia, bathophobia, climacophobia, monophobia, and ornithophobia: each received one vote

Bug drew this picture of reflection in a pond

Doodles performed this play

Doodles wrote this summary of one of her favorite tales from The Rainbow People.

Baby Girl REALLY enjoyed her banana at breakfast!

Doodles and Bug played Magic together

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The joyful homeschooler said...

Awe, Calsbad Caverns... brings back memories of my childhood in New Mexico. Love the science sheet! Also, what fun to do the water painting with the kids. I always tell myself I am going to do this, but have yet to keep my word on that.

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