Sunday, May 5, 2013


Yes, I got a tattoo. It is the Chinese character for strength. I did it to honor both of my daughters. I knew at the beginning of this year that, before it was over, I would have a tattoo. I just didn't know what it would be until recently. As you readers know, my youngest daughter is adopted from China and has special needs. She is a strong and brave soul, to have overcome all the obstacles she has faced and still remain such a light and a blessing to all of us. Secondly, my older daughter enjoys drawing and painting, so one day she asked me what I wanted her to draw for me. I told her to think of  a word that reminder her of me and paint the Chinese character for that word. She chose "strength." I hung the picture on my refrigerator, and then when I was cooking dinner a few days later, I saw that picture and knew that it was going to be my tattoo. So, there you have it. I guess my next tattoo will have to be in honor of my sons. I do have another wrist just waiting!


Anna P said...

I love it! How awesome that THAT is what your girl thought of! True testament right there =)

Jean said...

I wonder what the one for your guys will be? Hmmm.


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