Friday, May 31, 2013

Homeschooling and Life: May 28-May 31, 2013

We had a pretty good week. It would have been better if my kiddos didn't all have colds, sore throats, and fever...ugh! We still managed to do school, though, and here are our pics:

Treat of the week

Books for Doodles' Africa study

Plant that Doodles used to demonstrate phototropism.

Bug learned about the mandoling as part of his Narnia unit study.

More mandolin videos

More Narnia studies: World War 2 ration books

Learning about food rationing in WW2

Bug's cursive sheet from Thursday

Bug also learned about first aid

Bug learned about volcanoes as part of his Narnia study. He was so interested in them that it sparked.....

Doodles' interest as well.

Doodles and I demonstrated water erosion as part of her Africa/science study

Baby Girl joined us at the dining room table for school

Baby Girl crashed on the couch

Bug took a picture of this damselfly in our backyard.

Bug and I read two poems in this book: "The True Nature of Gnomes" and "Salamander"

Baby Girl's new verse with the picture I painted to go with it. The verse came from this wonderful book.

Baby Girl's painting

Bug's painting of a volcano

Doodles' painting of an African savanna

My painting of the sun


Gillian said...

What great pictures! I love seeing the combination of resources, and he paintings are lovely!

Tonia said...

Are you using Further Up and Further In for your Narnia study? It certainly looks like lots of fun! My daughter loves the Narnia series and I'm seriously considering using Further Up next year or in 5th grade.

redkitchen said...

Gilian, thank you. I visited your lovely blog, too.

Tonia, yes, I am using FUFI with my 10yo son. It is a wonderful curriculum. I highly recommend it.

Jean said...

Volcanoes are so interesting...and scary!

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